Project information.

I am looking for a pot of gold and silver. the chimney is on the west side.

1)  the location is Los Herreras  Nuevo Leon  Mexico
2) GPS Coordinates of old  RANCH   25°52'08.35"N  and 99°19'32.61"W  (GOOGLE EARTH)
3) Mr. Jose Maria Salinas before the mexican revolution buried his treasure from the old
    RANCH  to the west .
4) Mr. Jose Maria Salinas before he died told his son, Guillermo Salinas that he had buried
    the treasure from the old RANCH to the side of the field (WEST OF RANCH).
5) Mr. Jose Maria Salinas even told his son Guillermo that in the gold and silver treasure
    that even his large silver SPURS were in the treasure.
6) Mr. Guillermo would look for the treasure all his life and would not find it. Gillermo before
    he died told my father in law (Fidel Salinas Salinas) about his fathers treasure. - Owner of the project.

Ruins of old house:

Google Satellite Map for Ranch:

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Ranch Area:
The general area of the ranch does not show any significant deposit of gold or silver.
The general area and surroundings of the ranch was dowsed and some small amounts of gold are detected however it is very week and is possible halo from previously deposited gold or silver.


Ruins of old house:
x - mark shows strong detection in this area. Deposit of Silver and Gold.
The amount is rather large - estimated about 200 Kg - over 400 Lbs.


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