Frame Detector PI
Pulse Induction Technology
This is one of the best deep search machines on the market today used mostly by professional Treasure hunters and geological companies.
New Generation of superb electronics design and mastered in country where first metal detectors were design and used. It is simple, yet it has monitor with installed program analyzing area of search. Easy operation and very sensitive electronics. It is not MADE IN CHINA.
It is showing any detection signal in real time - signal moves live on monitor. Frequency of 100 HZ to 1000 HZ can be regulated by the operator.
Frame PI DetectorFrame Detector PIFrame Detector PI
Small Signal  - small bottle cap only detected under arm of antenna / Strong Signal - Gasoline Tank - 3 meters deep ( 9.8 feet)  /  Medium Signal - beer can - from 70 cm ( 28 in - 2.3 ft)
Monitor shows history, strength, size and time of Signal.
It analyzes passed and actual signal.
You can compare signal on monitor.
This feature helps interpret the find you are searching for.
Depth and size can be observed on the monitor by observing and analyzing it's signal.
With proper interpretation of signal on the monitor you can detect the size, depth and location.
The width of signal shows the size of object. The steep jump shows the  depth of object in the ground.
This detector has very fine audible sound - just by careful listening you can learn about the object in the ground.
Signal is very sensitive.
All electronics can be fined tuned by the operator in the field.
Field Test
Average depth of this metal detector is very good:
Beer can size object -  150 cm ( 60 inches - 5 feet!)
25 cm ( about 10 inches) size object in ground can be easily detected from 200 cm ( 2 meters!) (79 inches - 6.5 feet - 9.8 feet!)
Metal Gasoline Tank - 260 cm - 300 cm (2.6 - 3 meters!) (103 - 118 inches - 8.5 - 9.8 feet !!!)
As many manufacturers do not show videos from actual field test - this detector can be shown on the video below showing the real detection test in an underground cellar in Europe.
This video shows the clear sound and monitor of detector in the field.
Above results are with use of antenna frame in the size of 115 x 115 cm ( 45 x 45 inches - 3.75 x 3.75 feet)
This metal detector has been tested many times in the field and it has well design, durable construction, it is very easy to tune in the field.
Frame Detector PI is very stable at work - the reliability has been tested by the professionals.
The oscillation of signal generator is regulated from 100 Hz to 1 Khz
Power: 70W
Reset Button - resets all signals to beginning. Reset is very helpful feature used in the field.
Field tests shows better depth that most brands on the market for this time of metal detector. Lorenz 5 showed much lower depth detection compare with Frame Pulse PI.
Lorenz Deep Max 3 has slightly bigger level of detection or the same level of depth - depends on soil or location or object of search.
Compare with other detectors in Pulse Induction level - this detector has 3 - 4 times lower price and better reliability then most others.

Learning the operation - the key to success!

Operational Information - this detector is one of the best on the market today - you just need to learn the proper operation.

  Object is at deep level.              Small object right below the surface
Small object is very shallow.           Large object at medium level.

Operational Adjustments:

AUDIO - Main turn On and Off. It regulates sound. Headphones are recommended. Do not turn to maximum - it can have negative vibration on work of the unit.

POWER - regulates power going out of generator. Width of impulse is from 50 uS do 250 uS, the wider the impulse - the more electricity it takes. Optimal working position of knob is at "1 o'clock"
Max is about 550 mA.. Halve the power gives good , deep and sable signal. You can get power higher and at the highest position it should not run more then 10 minutes - it get hot due to maximum generation of electromagnetic signal!

SENSITIVE - regulates sensitivity of receiver. The better sensitivity, the better range,  however it lowers stability of work. Most optimal position of knob is at "1 o'clock). You can easily distinguish deep object by listening and watching the monitor.

THRESHOLD - regulates the level of leading signal and level of visual graph on the screen, ( with RESET pressed in and far away from any metal objects at such level that you can hear and see the drift of antenna. )

RESET - memory, after pressing RESET detector returns to set THRESHOLD level. After the work in field the levels do not return to set before, without any metal in the field, the reset button gets back to the level before.

DELAY - this enable to adjust different antennas to detector.

FREQ. - is for smooth regulation of frequency from emitting generator from 100 Hz to 1000 Hz

Optimal set - 1000 HZ and needs to be changed due to soil condition. Upper Screen shows delay - potentiometer on the back of detector should be set between 20 - 35 uMs (microseconds) for antenna of 1 x 1 meters.

 Every situation, soil, location, weather condition does have effect on this detector so you need to learn how to fine tune in every condition before work is done that guarantees optimal success.

Tuning up should be made far away from any metals.

Available antennas:
1 m x 1 m - standard - others:  2m x 2m, 2m x 1m, 3m x 1m

1 Year Warranty on Electronics.

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Frame Detector PI


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