Multi Brand Ink for all printers.

Bulk Ink for inkjet printers. We offer a variety of bulk ink sizes to choose from for your inkjet printer / cartridge. DuraFirm Technology ink (all-brand inkjet ink) is available in 60ml, 250ml, and 1 gallon bulk ink sizes. Our ink is all-brand, which means it will work on ANY inkjet cartridge. Whats more, this ink is engineered and manufactured in the USA and is the highest quality refill ink we have found. Our bulk ink offers you the convenience of being able to refill ANY inkjet cartridge without compromising print quality. Bulk Ink is intended for repeat refill customers, wholesale customers, and refill / re manufacturing businesses. Bulk Ink is the way to go if you already know how to refill and are looking to save even more on your print jobs, especially if you do a lot of printing.

Bulk ink-jet inks are ideal for large ink users or just to replenish your ink jet refill kits. These inks will come in bottles only, there are no refill instructions or tools included. Please choose from the following bulk ink categories:

DuraFIRM 60ml Bulk Ink Bottles 
Black   $29.99,  Cyan   $29.99, Magenta   $29.99,  Yellow   $29.99,  Light Cyan   $29.99,  Light Magenta   $29.99,  
For those who have refilled before and just need INK! Our 60ml bulk ink packs save you even more money. The Uni-Kit 60ml bottles feature DuraFirm Technology Ink, which has archival qualities (does not fade), is smudge resistant and waterproof on Durafirm waterproof paper! These inks are the latest technology and 100% guaranteed to perform as good or better than your original manufacturer's ink!
Item #: 110-123-01UNIKIT (Black), 110-124-01UNIKIT (Cyan), 110-120-01UNIKIT (Magenta)
110-125-01UNIKIT (Yellow), 110-119-01UNIKIT (Light Cyan), 110-121-01UNIKIT (Light Magenta) 
DuraFIRM 250ml Bulk Ink Bottles
Printer Ink 250ml - $41.00
250ml of ink - ideal for the high volume user who simply can't afford to run out of ink. Durafirm Technology ink is a multi-brand ink. The chemicals used in this ink make it an excellent ink for all inkjet printers (HP cartridges, Lexmark cartridges, Epson cartridges, Canon cartridges, Brother and all other inkjet ink cartridges). The prints are vibrant and bright, the printed results are up to 3 x more archival than most of the original OEM inks (archival means your prints wont fade as fast as they do when you print with regular HP ink or regular Lexmark ink etc.). This is a great quality if you print a lot of photos that sometimes fade with sunlight exposure! What's more, the inks dry fast and are smudge resistant on all high quality photo papers, they are even completely WATERPROOF on our Durafirm quality glossy photo paper! This means the inks wont run, whether you have sweaty fingers or whether you accidentally drop your glass of water on your photos, they wont smudge (complete waterproof qualities only when you print with Durafirm ink on Durafirm paper, but with other papers they will still be more smudgeproof than original inks). Buy Durafirm ink and see for yourself why so many professional remanufacturers are switching to our ink.

DuraFIRM 1 Liter Bulk Ink Bottles
Printer Ink - 1 Liter - $65.00
 1 Liter bulk ink for volume inkjet refillers! This is our larger bulk ink for ink refills. DuraFirm Technology ink is made in the USA and is superior to even some OEM ink brands due to its enhanced properties:

Brighter, more vivid prints (colors are brighter)
More archival than most inks (prints last longer)
Fast-dry (prints dont smudge)
Waterproof when used on Durafirm Photo Paper
Save even more on cartridge refilling and buy Durafirm ink in bulk. This product is perfect for small or large ink remanufacturers, or even for the high volume small office or home printer. Durafirm ink is a true all-brand ink and works in all inkjet printers (HP, Lexmark, Dell, Epson, Canon and more). Works great in CISS (continuous ink systems) as well!

Incredible price for this size ink, do the math and save big!

The average inkjet cartridge holds about 15ml of ink. Average inkjet cartridge cost is $20.

The cost to refill the average cartridge at our price of ink works out to only $0.45! And for the quality of ink (MADE IN USA DURAFIRM TECHNOLOGY) this is an offer that cant be beat.

DuraFIRM 1 Gallon Bulk Ink Bottles
Printer Ink - 1 Gallon $199.00 

This is the giant, 1 gallon bottle of ink. Ideal for the high volume user who simply can't afford to run out of ink. DURAFirm Technology(TM) offers UV protection to guard against fading over time, is waterproof and smudge proof. Microrefined for superior print quality every time.

This item contains: 1 gallon Black DuraFirm ink 1 Gallon of Durafirm Technology Ink.

Used around the world by professional refill stores, this is our larger container for our bulk inks and the best value per ml of ink. This is true Durafirm Technology ink, made in the USA and multi-brand for ALL inkjet cartridges.

DuraFIRM 5 Gallon Bulk Ink Bottles
Printer Ink 5 Gallon - $450.00
5 Gallon Pail for Durafirm Technology MultiBrand Ink

Red Fluorescent Red Ink - Postal Approved
  Fluorescent Red Ink 1 Gallon- $590.00
  Red Fluorescent Red Ink - Postal Approved. Postal Meter Fluorescent Red Ink. This ink matches the performance of the original Postal Machines ink. The New E700 uses ink quickly. This ink matches the performance of the original Pitney Bowes ink.

The 769-0 Cartridge holds about 3 ml of ink.

This supports the following cartridges and printers.

- Pitney Bowes postal machines 
- Ascom/Hasler Inkjet postal machines 
- NEOPOST Inkjet postal machines 
- HP cartridge-based postal machines 
Our postage ink is accepted by the U.S. Post Office and meets all requirements for scanning & absorption.

Stop using over priced, inadequate postal ink and start SAVING MONEY using the best ink for your postal machine. Ink that has the proper fluorescent qualities to meet USPS standards. And, you'll still save money. Compare our prices to what you've been paying and you'll be impressed!

DuraFIRM Pigment Black Ink
Pigment Waterproof Black Ink - 1 Gallon - $229.00
This is the 1 Gallon Durafirm Black Pigment based ink which is designed specifically for HP, Lexmark and Dell inkjet cartridges. It also works great on all other cartridges with print heads. Durafirm is our premium ink, made in the USA and yields the best quality prints. The black is deep and rich in color.

Titanium Black Ink
 Titanium Black Ink - 1 Liter - 99.00
This is the 1 Liter Titanium Black. Titanium black is designed to work in ALL inkjet cartridges, and is the ink of choice by most artists that are looking for a "cooler" black. Titanium black lends a shiny, almost glossy look to your black prints.

1 Liter bottle is enough for many refills, the average black inkjet cartridge holds about 20ml of ink, so with this 1 Liter bottle you will get about 50 refills on the average cartridge by HP, Lexmark or Dell, or even more (up to 100 refills) on cartridges that hold lesser amounts of ink (like Epson, Canon etc). True value for the high volume printer



Printer Ink 5 Gallon - $450.00

Fluorescent Red Ink 1 Gallon- $590.00

Pigment Waterproof Black Ink - 1 Gallon - $229.00

Printer Ink - 1 Gallon $199.00 
Printer Ink - 1  Quart = 0.25 Gall. $99.00 
Printer Ink - 16 fl oz=1 Pint = 0.125 Gall. - $64.00 
Printer Ink 8 fl oz=0.25 Quart = 0.0625 Gall. $42.00 
Printer Ink 60ml - $29.00

Printer Ink 250ml - $41.00

Printer Ink - 1 Liter - $65.00

Titanium Black Ink - 1 Liter - 99.00

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