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Harmful EMF
EMF Hazard

      In the beginning of the 21 century - Information Era - researchers had discovered that Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are not very friendly for us. 
      EMF are likely causing an increasing number of chronic and fatal diseases including leukemia, brain cancer and ALS. 

      The EMF are not in themselves dangerous, the are not devastating our body cells like X-Rays, but our Immune System is recognizing them as an enemy like a virus or bacteria. Fighting with them surrounding us everywhere makes our Immune System overtired. Overtired Immune Systems are not able to handle all tasks and are unable to completely defend our bodies - e.g. catching cancer cells. 

      Let us present to you important facts and information.

What is EMF?

      Even though electric and magnetic fields are present around operating appliances and power lines, more recent interest has focused on the potential health effects of electric fields. This is because some epidemiological studies have suggested that there may be an association between increased cancer risks and electric fields as well as other chronic diseases like Alzheimer, Diabetics, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and more. 

      The term "EMF" refers to all kind of man-made and natural Electric and Magnetic fields. Most common and known type of EMF are 60 and 50 hertz fields associated with alternating-current electrical power. These fields are distinct from other types of fields associated with the electromagnetic spectrum, such as AM/FM radio, television, cell phones, sun light. 

      Fields associated with cell phones and cell phone base stations Cellular phones uses radio frequency to communicate with other phones. Radio frequency is used by them, AM/FM radio, television, pagers, and other wireless communication devices. Those types EMF operates at significantly higher frequencies (up to 300 gigahertz) compares to power lines and electrical appliances (50 or 60 Hz). 

      Today most of us use cellular phones everyday. That creates concern about exposition on the radiation from cellular phones and cellular base stations. Certain radio frequency fields cause thermal effects (i.e., heating) at high exposure levels. 

      Researchers are investigating the possibility that radio frequency fields associated with cellular equipment may cause other adverse effects (i.e., effects other than heating, such as cancer). 

      Most researchers agree that more research is needed to evaluate potential long-term effects of radio frequency fields from cellular phones. 

      Some current scientific research does provide evidence that EMF can cause cancer or other diseases, other are stating that number of today chronic diseases are related to exposition on the different types of stress including EMF.

The California Project

Fragments from White Papers:

       “...Since 1993, the California Department of Health Sciences has led a project initiated by the California Public Utilities Commission titled “The California EMF Project.” The project cost $7 million, and is now complete.

      In 2002 the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) released the final EMF Report. This report summarized an evaluation conducted by three CDHS reviewers who examined possible associations between magnetic fields and 13 health conditions. 
The reviewers reported their opinions regarding the degree of confidence that the statistical associations between magnetic fields and the various health conditions might be casual. 

      The causation standard is more rigorous because it demands the cause effect finding, and mandates that there is no evidence of bias, errors, or confounding factors.

       Major Findings

  • Magnetic fields likely cause childhood and adult leukemia, adult brain cancer, spontaneous abortions, and ALS.
  • They possibly cause childhood brain cancer, female and male breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide, and heart problems.
  • They are unlikely to universally impact all types of cancer or reproductive failures other than spontaneous abortions
  • There is insufficient information to determine if magnetic fields cause clinical depression.
  • Animal studies show that magnetic fields at low intensities have profound effects on selective biological organisms.
  • The report finds that, with respect to the diseases possibly or likely caused by EMF “even a slight additional lifetime risk could be of concern to regulators, who already regulate other environmental concerns that convey even lower risks”.
  • The report notes a full mechanistic understanding does not now exist to explain why EMF could cause serious disease. The report goes on to note, however, “The lack of mechanistic understanding is initially … common in harmful agents.”
  • Once the benchmark 2 to 16 mG intensities of EMF are passed, risks do not appear to increase substantially as EMF increases.

In addition - links to the White Papers and to the source of research study (links will open in new windows): 

The California EMF Project Findings 


The Risk Evaluation FINAL REPORT 

California EMF Program - Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) 

       Specific Results
       The following graph shows the Project’s range of the estimates of probabilities that EMF causes specific diseases. “Prior confidence” is the researchers’ estimate of the overall disease probability assigned before learning about the recent research results. We have characterized probabilities greater than 50% as “likely.” 

EFM risk 

How may I be exposed to EMF?

      We are exposed to EMF at work, at home, and any other place where electrical power is generated, distributed, or used (includes satellite signals, radio, TV and other communication wireless waves). 

      In addition we are exposed to natural EMF like Geopathic Stress, Hartman Grid and other Global Lines of radiation. 

      Magnetic field levels vary depending on the amount of current flow. Fields are typically highest during warm summer months, when electric consumption is the highest (i.e., due to the use of air conditioners and other appliances that consume high amounts of electricity). 

      The magnetic field from the power line level drops quickly. In fact, levels at distances of 60 m - 100m (200-300 feet) are often comparable or lower than levels from household sources (e.g., appliances, wiring) in many homes. It is not making them more dangerous than appliances, but not less either (when we are in that distance - 60m - 100m [200-300 feet] from them).

When are the EMF dangerous?

      25 years of intensive study regarding health and safety measurements brought Swedish government to the conscious to establish a safety limit for exposure to ELF magnetic field at 2.5 mG and VLF magnetic fields at only 0.25 mG. The Swedish standard is generally accepted throughout the world.

      In plain language it means that person, who exceeds the limits could be at risk for developing health problems which can range from headaches, fatigue, and dizziness to skin rashes, miscarriage, leukemia, and cancer.

      Even though the controversy of conflicting scientific studies persists, it seems strange that cigarettes and alcohol are packaged with warnings we already know about, chemical and nutrition facts regarding content of foods must appear on the labels, but NO ANY LABEL INFORM YOU ABOUT EXPOSITION ON THE EMF FROM THE EQUIPMENT YOU ARE USING. Please check the EMF exposition table for average home appliances. It is very, very interesting.

How can I measure EMF in my home?

      Since magnetic field levels vary depending on the current and configuration of the sources, personal exposures to fields also vary at different times of the day and at different locations. Direct measurements using a milligauss meter provide the most accurate and reliable estimates. 

      1 mG (milligauss) is the common unit of measurement for magnetic fields. These fields are measured using an instrument called a milligauss meter. [Microtesla, another unit of measurement for magnetic fields, is often used in international settings and research papers. One microtesla (uT) is one-millionth of a tesla and is equal to 10 mg] You may take yours own measurements by purchasing a Milligauss meter or Electrosmog Detector directly from us or by ordering from us such service. 

      Common areas under our consideration are:

  • Bed - is there wiring in the wall behind your bed that you don't even know about?
  • Kid's room - it is any not necessary source of EMF, haw far from the area most used by the kids and how strong?
  • Living room - what is average EMF in the room, how much EMF is radiating from your TV, how far from TV is the safe zone.
  • House - how much EMF are you and your family getting from the power lines from the street?
  • House - how strong lines of natural radiation crossing your house, where you are exposed to them, if your beds and resting areas are free from them?

      Remember that EMF goes right through doors and walls. Determine how far you must stay away from the EMF sources in your home & work environment to achieve less than 2.5 mG of exposure... the microwave oven, the alarm clock, the computer, and so on. Basically all of the expositions we are collecting every day are counting. Our Immune system fighting with them and every exposition to EMF is taking a portion of energy which could be used in the better way. 

What can be done to limit EMF exposures?

      There are a number of ways to reduce exposures to EMF. Some are as easy as standing back from an appliance when it is in use. Remember that magnetic fields from appliances drop off dramatically in strength with increasing distance from the source. 

      Other EMF reduction steps, such as correcting a household wiring problem, are worth doing anyway for safety reasons. But what about more costly actions, such as burying power lines or moving out of a home? 

Shield yourself against EMF

  • Use for all members of your family the Peace Ball, our personal devices. Be sure, that you wear it 24 hours everyday.
  • Install in your house our Neutralizer - House device.
  • Install in your car our Neutralizer - car device.
  • Install in your workplace our Neutralizer - portable or permanent device.
  • Increase the distance between yourself and the EMF source - sit at arm's length from your computer terminal.
  • Avoid unnecessary proximity to high EMF sources -- such as appliances and electric blankets.
  • Reduce time spent in the field - turn off your computer monitor and other electrical appliances when you aren't using them.

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