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What is it about?
Short Explanation!

Posted due to increased demand on physical explanation of functionality of Neutralizer

In terms of Quantum Mechanics: 

If this alternating field is locked into the correct phase with the incoming light wave, then the atom's fields can interact with the light waves' fields and cancel out quite a bit of the light energy present in the near-field region around the atom. The energy doesn't vanish; instead it ends up INSIDE the atom. Half of the energy goes into kicking an electron to a higher level, and the other half is re-emitted as "scattered" waves. Quantum Mechanics might say that the atom is surrounded by virtual photons at the resonant frequency. 

By resonantly creating an "anti-wave", which superposes with incoming waves and bends them towards the atom, the tiny atom has "sucked energy" out of the enormously long light waves as they go by. And since the atom has no conventional copper coils inside it wasting energy, it can build up some really strong fields which allow it to behave extremely "large" when compared to its physical diameter. 

When viewed as a half-wave receiving antenna, a resonant atom acts as if it has expanded in size to fill its entire near-field region. In terms of Quantum Mechanics, it does so by locally creating a large virtual-photon AC field which normally would not exist. Because of coherent superposition, in a sense this new field BECOMES THE ANTENNA. The significant part of this new field extends to (Pi*wavelength)/2 distance around the atom, and this distance can be thousands of times larger than the atom's radius. A 1-angstrom atom with a large AC field can behave as a 1/3-wave antenna at optical frequencies. Though tiny, the atom can absorb "long-wave" radiation such as light. Our 1-angstrom atom becomes a black sphere 2000 angstroms across, and efficiently absorbs 6000-Angstrom light waves. 

Neutralizer in Quantum Mechanics Explanation 

Circle shows the approximate size of an "absorber disk" which has an area equal to the Effective Aperture (EA) of the resonant antenna. Lines of Pointing flux which pass through this disk are deflected so as to strike the tiny resonant absorber. For high-Q absorbers at very long EM wavelengths, the effective aperture is enormous. In theory a loop antenna a few inches across could gather the same amount of energy as a long-wire antenna hundreds of feet wide. It's just a matter of achieving a high enough "Q" rating. On that are based all Neutralizer type devices. 

Propagation Phase explanation 

Energy flux lines for the near-field region of a resonant absorber - Neutralizer. The tiny absorber - Neutralizer acts like a large disk. 

This "energy suction" effect is not limited to atoms. We build a Neutralizer based on this phenomenon. 

Neutralizer in the EMF field
Neutralizer in the EMF field
Neutralizer - real Circet
Neutralizer - real Circet

LARGE parallel metal plates (approximation to the model of the Earth) create a strong AC e-field between themselves, and a pair of SMALL metal plates intercepts a bit of energy from this field. The received energy heats up a load resistor. Assume that all this takes place in the near-field. 


Our tiny antenna has essentially reached out and made a kind of "direct contact" with the distant transmitter. By changing its own impedance, it has converted the femtofarad "sky capacitor" into an efficient coupling device. It has sent out a cancelling wave and pulled in energy from an enormous volume encompassing the surrounding fields.
Umbrella protection

Umbrella protection section
Protection from below
Protects from below the device position
protection from side
Protects from specific direction the device is positioned to
protection from above
Protects from above the device position
Umbrella protection
Protects from any direction accept the case when the source is behind our body. Then is not protecting, but energy is absorbed anyway.
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