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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the impact of Terrestrial Electromagnetic Storms on Wireline Communications? 

    Effects of natural electromagnetic phenomena on wire-line circuits are known. An important factor causing degradation of system operation or damage to equipment is the occurrence of earth currents, or geoelectric variations, associated with electromagnetic storms. Three to six earth-current storms occur yearly, during and after the maximum of the sunspot cycle. Peak disturbances last 10 to 30 minutes and return to normal within 6 to 48 hours. Typical disturbances are 3 to 20 v/km in the auroral zones, 0.5 to 5.0 v/km in middle latitudes, and less than 100 mv/km near the equator. Current flow is generally N-S, except near the geomagnetic equator where it is E-W. Undisturbed diurnal variations exhibit the same general characteristics, but attain values in the range of 5 to 300 mv/km. This is referred only to the typical (so far) observed situations. Our expectations allow possibility of complex damage of wireless infrastructure during maximum solar activity in this cycle (year 2012). 

  • What is Geomagnetic (Solar) Storm? 

    A geomagnetic storm is a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere caused by a disturbance in space weather. Associated with solar flares and resultant solar coronal mass ejections (CME), a geomagnetic storm is caused by a solar wind shock wave and/or cloud of magnetic field which typically strikes the Earth's magnetic field 3 days after the event. The solar wind pressure on the magnetosphere and the solar wind magnetic field will increase or decrease depending on the Sun's activity. The solar wind pressure changes modify the electric currents in the ionosphere, and the solar wind's magnetic field interacts with the Earth's magnetic field causing the entire structure to evolve. Magnetic storms usually last 24 to 48 hours, but some may last for many days. In 1989, an electromagnetic storm disrupted power throughout most of Quebec and caused aurorae as far south as Texas. 

    A solar storm is an event in which activity on the Sun interferes with the Earth's magnetic field. Because the Sun is so far away, many people believe that solar storms are not capable of causing very much damage, but they can in fact be quite devastating. Research in the early 2000s created a number of potential worst case scenarios which illustrated the destructive power of solar storms, including scenarios showing that powerful nations in the developed world could be brought to their knees for a decade or more by a storm of large magnitude. 

  • What is Radiation hazards to humans from Geomagnetic Storm? 

    Intense solar flares release very-high-energy particles that can cause radiation poisoning to humans (and mammals in general) in the same way as low-energy radiation from nuclear blasts. 

    So far (increased above it is expected in 2012) Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere allow adequate protection at ground level, but astronauts in space are subject to potentially lethal doses of radiation. The penetration of high-energy particles into living cells can cause chromosome damage, cancer, and a host of other health problems. Large doses can be fatal immediately. 

    Solar protons with energies greater than 30 MeV are particularly hazardous. In October 1989, the Sun produced enough energetic particles that, if an astronaut were to have been standing on the Moon at the time, wearing only a space suit and caught out in the brunt of the storm, would probably have died; the expected dose would be about 7000 rem[citation needed]. Note that astronauts who had time to gain safety in a shelter beneath moon soil would have absorbed only slight amounts of radiation. 

    The cosmonauts on the Mir station were subjected to daily doses of about twice the yearly dose on the ground, and during the solar storm at the end of 1989 they absorbed their full-year radiation dose limit in just a few hours.[citation needed] 

    Solar proton events can also produce elevated radiation aboard aircraft flying at high altitudes. Although these risks are small, monitoring of solar proton events by satellite instrumentation allows the occasional exposure to be monitored and evaluated, and eventually the flight paths and altitudes adjusted in order to lower the absorbed dose of the flight crews.[citation needed] 

  • Is decreasing Geomagnetic Field affecting living creatures? 

    Here is a growing body of evidence that changes in the geomagnetic field affect biological systems. Studies indicate that physically stressed human biological systems may respond to fluctuations in the geomagnetic field. Interest and concern in this subject have led the International Union of Radio Science to create a new commission entitled Commission K - Electromagnetics in Biology and Medicine, current chair Dr. Frank Prato. 

    Possibly the most closely studied of the variable Sun's biological effects has been the degradation of homing pigeons' navigational abilities during geomagnetic storms. Pigeons and other migratory animals, such as dolphins and whales, have internal biological compasses composed of the mineral magnetite wrapped in bundles of nerve cells. This gives them the sense known as magnetoception. While this probably is not their primary method of navigation, there have been many pigeon race smashes, a term used when only a small percentage of birds return home from a release site. Because these losses have occurred during geomagnetic storms, pigeon handlers have learned to ask for geomagnetic alerts and warnings as an aid to scheduling races.

  • What will be demmage during Solar Storm? 

    Solar storms would only disrupt communications temporarily, and would not be likely to cause direct harm to communications equipment (except for satellites and in case of average storm). An extremely large solar storm, though, could induce geomagnetic currents that would destroy a substantial fraction of the large transformers on the power grid (possibly over much of the world). If this happened, electric power loss due to a large solar storm would be out for a period of years and possibly decades. Unlike nuclear EMP, such a solar storm is an eventual inevitability. 

  • Does Storm Radiation penetrate inside the bunker? 

    It depends on Storm size and frequencies of radiation. In general – it is possible that some portion of energy will penetrate even solid underground facility. Our suggestion is to install our Space Radiation Neutralizer System to minimize potential impact of Severe Solar Storm 

  • How Personal Protection can help to survive Solar Storm? 

    Personal Protection – Peace Ball is design to absorb Electromagnetic Radiation. This Energy is neutralized and converted into broad spectrum of magnetic pulses and send beck to the body. This way improves whole body functionality and also supports body’s defense system. 

  • How Space Radiation Neutralizer System can help to survive Severe Solar Super Storm? 

    Space Radiation Neutralizer is build to catch energy from Solar Electromagnetic Storm. That energy is neutralized on the way to protected area. The protection is the shape of the disk. We designed three version of protection: with one protection zone, two and three. Those mean that energy stronger that can handle the first protection zone will be catch by the second in two zones protection device, and in the case of severe level of energy in the third zone of the three zone device. After that energy will be safely distributed to the ground without harming anybody. 

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  • How To Prepare For The Coming Super Solar Storm? 


    Due to the penetration of high-energy particles into living cells that can cause chromosome damage, cancer, and a host of other health problems will be necessary to be protected against Solar Storm Radiation. Our Products are design for this situation. 

    Also You should concider all other ways as listed in basics below. 

    There are many different aspects to preparing for uncharted waters as there is simply no way to anticipate all of the possible needs. Since there are more unknowns then knowns, we must consider things that we might otherwise would normally never consider. A more compressive list then the one found below can be found in our Solar Storm Survival Guide. 

    1. Emergency Food and Water: It's strongly advised that you have at least 6 to 12 months of supplies if not longer. Since solar events are measured in months, this coming solar event that NASA tells us that is absolutely coming could last for a good long spell. (Dried foods such as lots of rice, beans, dates, raisins, bananas, powdered milk, beefy jerky, etc., should be placed in a large super heavy duty freezer bags and left in deep freezer until needed at zero degrees.) This way your food will still taste good as you may not need it until for quite a while as it will still be good upwards of 5 years later when kept frozen at zero deegrees. Remember to take all the dried food out right away as soon as you lose power from the solar storm. For a comprehensive list of dried foods, please download our Solar Storm Survival Guide. 

    2. Water: If you own a well and it uses an electric pump, be sure to learn what it will take to install a hand pump on your well and then buy it. There are different kinds of hand waterpumps, so be sure you select the one best suited for your needs and place it in storage where the well is located (and all of the required parts and attachments and tools) where you will have easy access to it when you need it. Those without a well will need to own a hand held reverse osmosis water filter. There are many kinds, at many different prices and allows for 1 to 3 gallons of water per hour. Be sure you have two or three hand held reverse osmosis water filters for when one of them breaks down. You will also need a way to catch rain water or a bucket to get water from a stream. Be sure to get at least 6 changeable filters for each reverse osmosis water filter you purchase. You might also want to look into, "gravity fed reverse osmosis", this way you are making clean drinking water as you sleep. You will need at least three 5 gallon water dispensers to store drinking water. If you are dealing with a large family of six or more, then you should double up on your water supplies as you need to make sure you have plenty of portable drinking water as well as for brushing your teeth, cooking and washing hands. For a comprehensive list of water filter options, please download our Solar Storm Survival Guide. 

    3. Household Necessities: Today we take everyday household items for granted, but once you no longer have them, life can be hell! Some of the items you simply do now want to go without and thus have been *starred. *Toilet paper, (the average person uses one average size roll of toilet paper about every 4 to 7 days, plan accordingly), *toothpaste, *Tooth Brushes, *Q-tips, *Emergency Medical Kit, Plastic Drinking Glasses, Hair Combs, *Shampoo, *Hand Soap, *Laundry Detergent (to wash clothes by hand with), *Aspirin. For a comprehensive list of household essentials, please download our Solar Storm Survival Guide. 

    4. Electronics: Today our world evolves around electronics from computers to cell phones, right down to the electronic ignition system in our vehicles, to the very electronic systems that run our banking system, navigational systems, airplanes, ships, game machines to our satellites in space, all use electronics to make them operate. Unfortunately a super strong solar storm produces electrical jolts that hit the earth, that could easily cause all these devices and systems to break down. However there is a 'work around' that is easy to apply so you can easily protect all of your electronics, including your car. This is not something that you have to do in advance, but it's something that you would have to make sure you were ready to do and had what you needed once you learned that we are about to get hit with a super solar storm within a few hours. Full details can be downloaded in our Solar Storm Survival Guide. 

    5. Safe Room: Solar storms produce massive amounts of electromagnetic radiation. The last thing you want is to be exposed to high levels electromagnetic radiation for prolong periods of time. There are a few different ways we can avoid being radiated from huge solar storms. Because a solar storm such as the one coming will NOT be measured by days, rather by weeks or months, it's vital to your health that you do not allow you and or your family as well as your pets to be exposed to unusually high levels of electromagnetic radiation as it will lead to serious health problems way down the road for untold millions who went unprotected from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Airline pilots who fly over the north pole deal with this issue everyday. When the sun is very active, experts say that when pilots are flying over the north pole during a bad period electromagnetic radiation, it's the equivalent of receive a 100 chest x-rays a day. The least thing anyone wants to do is become exposed to electromagnetic radiation levels that are even higher then a 100 chest x-rays a day for weeks on end. Thankfully there is a work around for this as well, for both when your sleeping as well as when you are awake. But understand that this is not something that you can do in a few hours, rather it will take a few days to make a safe room that will protect you from the powerful electromagnetic radiation that will come right through the roof of your home. For a comprehensive guide to Building A Safe Room, please download our Solar Storm Survival Guide. 

    6. Cooking: Unless you eat all of your food raw, you will need to make sure you get a small to medium size portable cooking stove. There are two basic kinds. One which uses bottled gas and the other which uses liquid fuel that you pour into a small tank. The drawback about a liquid fuelled stove is that once you are our of bottle gas, your sunk, where as with a liquid fueled stove you can usually find more liquid fuel to make it run. Also keep in mind that these are dangerous and should only be used outdoors, where as a classic woodstove is a nice alternative as it will also keep you warm in cold weather. For a comprehensive guide to cooking stoves, please download our Solar Storm Survival Guide.

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