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<>Space Radiation Neutralizer Specification:

For energy in the range up to 10KW/sq ft Max limits for the head and trunk - in the distance of 1/10 max ranges from Space Radiation Neutralizer for :
Stage I Stage II Stage III
1.6 W/kg in a 1gm average mass in the shape of a cube 1.4 W/kg in a 1gm average mass in the shape of a cube 1.2 W/kg in a 1gm average mass in the shape of a cube

Max limits for Canada (for permanent exposition) for the head and trunk - 1.6 W/kg in a 1gm average mass in the shape of a cube. We are expecting mostly short exposition during Solar Storms.

Our technical specifications applyed only for devices passed condition listed below:
  • Proper grounding with 4-point grounding rods (4 grounding rods connected together)
  • 1 AWG copper wire current carrying capacity x 4 – parallel connections
  • Distance from grounding point – less than 70 ft

Device Range of Protection
SPACE-1CV1, SPACE-2CV1, SPACE-3CV1 protected area - circular
protection radius - 25 m
SPACE-1CV2, SPACE-2CV2, SPACE-3CV2 protected area - circular
protection radius - 50 m
SPACE-1CV3, SPACE-2CV3, SPACE-3CV3 protected area - circular
protection radius - 100 m
SPACE-1CV4, SPACE-2CV4, SPACE-3CV4 protected area - circular
protection radius - 250 m
SPACE-1CV5, SPACE-2CV5, SPACE-3CV5 protected area - circular
protection radius - 2,000 m

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