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History of Public Underground Depository.

Our service started in 1985.

The need for third party storage of computer information created our service.

From the beginning we never stored any illegal items, firearms & explosives.

For safety and security all items are stored underground away from electromagnetic currents.

We created underground storage system for storing computer discs and later CD's. Our customers wanted safe, off computer storage for computer data.

Later we were asked by our customers to add deposit of other items. As our business grew we decided to add new services to store additional types of items.

Late 1990's many ".com's" used our service for data storage and important paperwork.

Early 2000's with ".com" companies slowing down PUD made services available to private and government depositors.

2003 PUD made available it's services to customers outside USA.

2003 First affiliates overseas started handling new customers.

January 1st  2007 - regular business and government customers receive one free storage.

For safety and security all data is never stored on any computer.

2015 - 40 Acres in remote location in the western USA was secured to served better our world wide customers.

Private Underground Depository is all you need for any storage of valuables. You ship it, we hide it and store it for you. Any emergency, Martial Law, government control, Don't be Scared - Be Prepared, Tornadoes - your valuables will survive - Earthquakes - you got us 24 hours a day. Any Disaster - Emergencies, Shortages, Riots - make sure your family can live comfortably for many weeks or months when you keep your valuables in safe, none government control environment. We keep your stuff in private underground containers where we watch it for you 24 hours a day. Be Prepared! IN CASE OF ANY DISASTER - OUR PRIVATE UNDERGROUND STORAGE IS RENTED SINCE 1990.
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