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Private Underground Depository is all you need for any storage of valuables. You ship it, we hide it and store it for you. Any emergency, Martial Law, government control, Don't be Scared - Be Prepared, Tornadoes - your valuables will survive - Earthquakes - you got us 24 hours a day. Any Disaster - Emergencies, Shortages, Riots - make sure your family can live comfortably for many weeks or months when you keep your valuables in safe, none government control environment. We keep your stuff in private underground containers where we watch it for you 24 hours a day. Be Prepared! IN CASE OF ANY DISASTER - OUR PRIVATE UNDERGROUND STORAGE IS RENTED SINCE 1990.
underground storagestorageunderground storage


By purchasing our service customers agree to these terms and conditions.


(1) Only person who purchase this service is allowed to withdraw or deposit to & from his / her account.
(2) PUD only will released withdrawals of deposit to address used at purchased time.
(3) Any new address has to be updated using only our system.
(4) Each customer has to submit copies of 3 copies of Identification ( driver license, passport, utility bill ).
(5) The same Copies of ID should be included with each deposit.
(6) Each withdrawal must include the same copies of ID's.
(7) Each withdrawal must be initiated by payment from the same email account.
(8) Each withdrawal must be confirmed by phone call. PUD will call only to customer telephone number provided at registration.

All customer information should be up to date at any time. Customer is responsible for updating all customer's information using only PUD system.

 PUD does not accept any illegal items, including any firearms & explosives.
All illegal items, firearms & explosives are prohibited and not accepted.

We do not share any information.

Our Services are void where prohibited.

PUD reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions at any time.

PUD makes all efforts to provide good security for all accounts. Our Service was not compromised since 1985 and we work to keep it that way. To maintain low prices PUD does not insure any account. At this time none of any deposits are insured. It is up to the customer to insure their deposits.

By using our service customers agree to hold PUD free of any law suits. Any discrepancy between customer and PUD should be worked by mediation.

1 Size: up to 8 vaults of 5 gallons in size or 3 ft x 3 ft (91 cm x 91cm)
5 gallon underground storage5 gallon underground storage5 gallon underground storage5 gallon underground storage
No fees for depositing your own valuables by yourself.

Private Underground Depository Copyright Silesia Group Inc 1994