Frequently Asked Questions

How does the chamber get put together?  - We construct it piece by piece.

 How do you get the wiring and air to the cave? The air gets by ducts, the wiring gets in metal or plastic pipes.

Do you visit the site? - We construct every Salt Cave Spa at customer location- yes we visit it.

Do you need a specially reinforced floor, or is a slab floor enough? - Yes - the floor needs to be strong enough to hold the weight.

What happens if you need to move out of the space? How can it be disassembled and all the salt dealt with? - You need to disassemble the cave and all components.

Do you have a list of commercial projects you have done, and references? You mention that a building permit is not required. Is that true everywhere? - It is device and it is constructed inside finished buildings - if you build new house for Salt Cave Spa you may need permits for the housing not the salt cave spa.

How can it be termed an appliance? It is appliance and does not need permits to place it in your building.

How long do you stand behind your product, and if there are problems, how do those get addressed long distance? Salt Cave Spas do not get damage - it is large body of salt walls. Your evaporators and air conditioners carry its own warranties. If you have any  problems you call us for help.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau? No, we do not support Better Business Bureau.

How does the salt stay clean after years of usage? - It stays clean or if it gets dirty by any mean, you can wash it with water.

 Is there any kind of liability issue that arises from people using salt caves, and does one need insurance to take care of those issues? As commercial operation you may need liability insurance - for your own use you don't need any insurance unless you have special needs. There are no major liability with Salt Cave Spas.

If I ordered a medium 415 square foot salt cave, how long would it take to get delivered? After down payment the waiting time for construction is 5-10 months or more - it depends on waiting list of customers.

Is the date guaranteed? Once the construction started the finish of Salt Cave Spas is done within 3-5 weeks.

Other Questions from customers:

Questions about SCS:

1.       How many square meters are desired for the SCS? What’s the target capacity for each SCS? How many squares are needed for each chamber? Each one enjoys one chamber in the cave right?


It depends on size of the room but too big is not so good - salt is heavy. People enjoy the therapy all together. The size of each spa depends on size of room available. they can be very small to very big.


2.       I see we need 15 tons to build the salt chamber in the cave, so this means totally we need 15 tons for a cave?



It depends on size - but average weight depends on design - not everything is salt - there are some other designs wityh wood, ceramics...but 15 tons is average.


3.       Regarding the salt, so we need to import or use locally? Do we need to import the generators and other equipments from USA?


We would prefer to use local salt and all local materials - to lower the cost.


The generator we buy from supplier in USA and Canada - the dropping tower we manufacture - it is the cheapest and very simple device but it gives lot of moisture to the air. The generator is using laser and gives dry air but it is very expensive - $11 000.00 - dropping tower is about $2000.00 and is preferred due to price. Everything we can manufacture and build in China.  



4.       Now, we are searching customers who are interested in SCS? So, if they are interested in, we should provide them training. How long it will take and about which aspect?


The training for operator of Salt Cave Spa is very simple - 45 minutes people relax, inhaling salt air - 15 minutes is for break where we do ventilation for new people coming in.


We need to keep no more then 50% moisture.


5.       Do we need a professional consultant in SCS? How many key staffs do we need in each SCS? According to different situations, we give our customers different sessions, so how many consultants are enough for a SCS?


There is one operator needed however yoga classes or other activity is available but those are conducted by professionals who contract time with each salt cave spas.


6.       If some customers have certain diseases, can we prevent it from infecting the other?


Salt Cave air is salty - it kills bacteria The environment of Salt Cave Sap is very sterile from bacteria because of the salty air. After each session of 45 minutes the SCS is ventilated for new session.

7.       For our current customers, people come to our SCS for curing some diseases or for relaxation.


It is used for relaxation - the salt walls prevent radiation from outside so the relaxing in dark cave has unique properties. Quiet time is needed during each session - unless it is session for people with children.


8.       How about the maintenance cost of the Cave?

The maintenance of Salt Cave Spas is simple - the evaporation tower needs salt and water supply, ventilation every 45 minutes - every session, the cost of maintenance is very low. Electric is only 12 V - most of the time we use Solar Batteries to power our Salt Cave Spas.

This is Mark in China.
         I am sure you are busy for SCS around the world.
         Do we have any new latest information about Chinese Market?
We would need to build first couple basic Salt Cave Spas in China to find out the cost of all products. Our offer for first 3 Salt Cave Spas in Dalian and close cities would be 50% off from our regular prices. We build first 3 spas in every country at discount that lets find out the cost and detail about first 3 projects. You can offer first Salt Cave Spas at 50% discount from our regular prices. Once we find the real cost - we will place the prices for our customers in China for next projects. Do you think the prices will be attractive at 50% discount from what we have on the web site?
Such as price, way of cooperation with investors, technical support we give to investors? 
We give all support to our customers, you can educate them about Salt Cave Saps and sicknesses you can treat in our Salt Cave Spas. We need to build first 3 spas to show them to our potential customers in China.
        How long it will take to build a general SCS? about 4-6 weeks - it depends on design and size.
How long we can open it from the time we want to build SCS?  When customers are ready to build SCS they need to place none refundable deposit of $5000.00 to get on waiting list. At this time we have 4-6 months waiting list. How does it look in China - can we go with the same system in China?
  The general equipments are one dropping tower, one generator, right?  It is up to the customer how he wants to design his spa. Dry salt air generator is expensive - about $11 000.00 so most of the time our Salt Chamber Dropping Tower making wet salt air is preferred - about $ 2500.00 per tower - one is adequate for small size spa.
And anything else? - Wooden chairs, Light Therapy, - music systems are generally installed by owners of Salt Cave Spas.  
        How long can investors take the cost if everything goes as predicted. Most investors recover their investment cost in just few years. Our Salt Cave Spas are great investments and they are in great demand - we also contact doctors informing them of Salt Cave Spas in their locations so they can send patients to our Salt Cave Spas for treatments.
 Thanks and B.RGDS,       Mark - Dalian China

I would like more information regarding portable caves verse installing one in the basement of my salon (Brooklyn, New ork) that I am expanding to a spa.  What are the power and vent requirements?  Central air conditioning and heating is required or portable units will have to be installed.
Power is only 12V in any of our regular spas. as long as we get regular power - we convert it to 12V for the salt cave spa area.
Any floor drains necessary?  If this is basement - there are drains - the moisture may accumulate at the bottom - drains are recommended.
my room will be approx 6 x8 or 8 x10 can building either.  what is the pricing for the cave verse potable,
Regular salt cave spa  price is $100.00 per square foot - plus any extra from questionnaire from our main web page - 1 st page has the questionnaire.
financing available - Yes we have financing of 50% on regular salt cave spas - portable salt cave spas are low priced and can be purchased from our payments available on our web sites ( credit cards) ,
you company to supply and install completely, yes - we do complete installation on regular salt cave spas or on portable salt cave spas installation can be purchase as well.
how long does installation take?  Regular Salt Cave Spas - depends on the design and size but average is 6 weeks of construction time.
what flooring is necessary, Concrete slab is required as heavy load of salt can not be placed on wooden floor.
salt material included?  Everything is included according to design made from customer questionnaire.
Please advise as I am looking to complete within 3 months. - floor plan is required and down payment of $5000.00 is required to place customer in waiting line - we could do it in about 3 months from today's date.
Is the cave dry air ?  Dry salt air is available - 1 generator cost is $11 000.00 or $25 000.00 for moisture air from our regular dropping towers producing salt wet air.
  Can moister be introduced with sauna rocks?  no more then 50% moisture in the air is recommended.
Does it matter if users are fully clothed or a robe is recommended? No problem with this requirement - people can stay in their regular cloths.
Look forward to hearing from you soon, - Lisa














In case of overproduction of the hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis and claustrophobia, a doctor has to be consulted.

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