Travel & Investment Opportunities in Senegal - Africa
By Youssou Wade
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This is Africa Investment Club provided by Mr. Youssou Wade


Please join us on the trip to Senegal for the bigest festival in Africa - December

The World Festival

of Black Arts and Cultures

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Why Senegal? Senegal's Government Help for Investors Compare Prices

Special - January - April - Book your trip with us - we will show you Senegal in one week!
About Senegal
Republic of Senegal (Overview)

Senegal is between 12 and 17 degrees north latitude of the equator at the western end of the Sahel.
Senegal has 2 seasons:
A dry season: (October – June). (Warm temperatures: 20 to 30° in daytime, the night is cooler)
A rainy season: (July - September) warm and wet temperatures: 23° to 35° in day time. The rainy season is
characterized by short sharp tropical rain showers. After rain the weather remains always sunny and at night it’s
cooler. The landscape is greener and wonderful. So Senegal offers summer like holidays all the time. The coast
remains always cooler thanks to the alizes (breeze blowing all over the year on the coast.)
Time: Senegal belongs to the Greenwich Mean Time zone with no time changes.
Health: No vaccinations are obligatory.
Visa: Citizens from European Union don’t need visa to enter Senegal. Other nationalities will have to arrange
visa easily at the closer Senegal embassy or consulate. For further information contact us.

Independence date: April 4th 1960 (former
French colony)
Populations: 11 millions
Major ethnic groups: Wolof, Serer, Peulh or
Fulani, Mandica.
Offi cial language: French
National languages: Wolof, Serer, Peulh.
Main source of income: Fishing, Tourism,
Natural resources: Phosphates, Gold, Iron,
Copper, a little off shore petrol.
Main Rivers: Senegal River, Sine Saloum River, Gambia River, Casamance River
Senegal geography:
Senegal area is around 200,000sq km. It is limited to the north by Mauritania, to the east by Mali, to the south
by the 2 Guineas countries (Guinea Conakry and Guinea Bissau). The country’s western border some 700km is
marked by the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, running roughly north-south. About halfway down the coast, the large
cap vert peninsula juts out west into the ocean. At the end of this peninsula is Dakar, the capital city with its surrounding
suburbs and satellite towns, one of the largest cities in West Africa. To the north of the cap vert peninsula,
the coast faces North West and is known as the Grande cote (the great coast) stretching almost unbroken
to Senegal’s borders with Mauritania. South of the peninsula is the petite cote (Small coast) facing south –west
which makes the weather conditions more agreeable for tourism, and this area is among the most popular for visitors.
May - December - Special - Black America Heritage Trips to Senegal.
We organize monthly investments to Africa? Got tough economy in your country? Try where the governments help new investors and business people to establish their business operations.

Africa - the last frontier for business waits for you. Come with us to see where you can make money and enjoy life as well.

Our fee to fly with us - $650.00 - it needs to be paid at least one month before departure. Round way air line ticket from USA to Senegal is about $1200.00. All other expenses needs to be paid by participants.

We stay and rent  Guest House with home cooking and all utilities - it is better then any hotel!
Limited Space - 10 people per trip. Make reservation well in advance as we may not have space for late orders.
Time of our trips are usually one week but everyone can extend their stay as long as they want.

Senegal Investment Trip to Africa - Participation - $650.00 - Book airline Tickets to Senegal -

Example of tours in Senegal and it's prices

    01. HOTEL 05 STAR BB :
          In Double Occ.                =    $124.00
          Extra for Single Occ.       =      $96.00

    02. HOTEL 04 STAR BB
          In Double Occ.                =    $120.00
          Extra for Single Occ.       =      $96.00

    03. HOTEL 03 STAR BB
          In Double Occ.                =      $66.00
          Extra for Single Occ.       =      $37.00




-          Round Trip Airport Transfers


-          Half Day City Tour no Lunch


-          Half Day Goree Island No Lunch


-          Full Day City Tour & Goree Island W/L


-          Pink Lake 04WD + Lunch


 Saloum Islands


-          Bandia Forest With Lunch


-          03 Days / 02 Nights saly (HB)


-          03 Days / 02 Nights Saint Louis (HB)


-          03 Days / 02 Nights Banjul (HB)


  Here is the first draft of the Package for Trip to Senegal , the round trip from the Us To Dakar is around $1500.
Now we have to add our Fees $650 00 for each person.
We can also have a Guest House where we can put 6 peoples and it's cheaper but it depend of the Type of Guest we will have.

Information about investments in Africa - Updated weekly.

Latest investments opportunity:

Airplanes transportation in Senegal:

1 -  It will be a Commercial passengers  Flight
   2 -  They are no restrictions with the Government the Sector is Free. full Support from Prsident and vice president of Senegal.
    3 -  Boeing Type 727 for  Trip like New York /Florida or Cincinnati
/DC we want also Airplane : Falcon 50 for shorter  flight : 1h Trip :
Senegal to Gambia , Senegal to Guinea or Mauritania.

Large farmland - over 1000 hectars leases for 99 years from the government of senegal.

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Below are current investments needs for Senegal and West Africa:

Tourism Trips for West Africa,                                        Heavy Equipment Rental in Senegal for Seville in all Africa

Casinos, Recreational Spas.              Salt Cave Spas

Jatropa Plantation for biodiesel - 1000 Hectares lease for 99 years!

Also I have people interesting in Restaurant if you have any business partner in food we have a open market there too and around Senegal .

Angola Construction                Big Land in Angola                          Angola Highway under Construction

RDC  Big Land for Bio Diesel       Mine of Diamonds             Diamonds Factory                A Hand full of Diamonds

Bio Diesel in Senegal              A small project  of Bio Diesel in Senegal       Land in Senegal True the River

Big Land Mali              High Way under Construction                        Bauxite Mine in Guinea

View of Dakar Senegal      Map of Senegal                   Iron Mine in Senegal        Iron in Mauritania

1 - Senegal
We have more than 200 000 ha left for Bio Diesel  and we want to build a Modern Airport name Airport Senghor , and we found a big Exploitation of Iron Land so we need a lot of Heavy Equipment's these programs start in 3 Months .

     2 - Angola
This country is very rich and one of most  powerful man who run the country show me  a very ambitious program on July 2nd in Dakar concerning : Construction of 20 Highways and Bridges, Buildings around   the  Oil Compound ...
They also have Diamond , Gold and a lots expensive Materials and with the Oil price (2nd Oil producer in Africa) they want to used the Money to build a brand new country
They have also a large agricultural program to feed every body.

     3 - Republic Democratic of Congo
In  this country also we met with very important people and they want by December  Companies which can build a lot of Infrastructures : Roads , Bridges , School , Government Building , Airport and much more ...
They have  also a lot of diamond and precious metal : Gold , Bauxite etc. ...
They have also land for Bio diesel .

Here is a very specific  order from a Country name Gabon and they waiting for an offer :


   -    28   PELL 235     to   325 CATERPILLAR

-      20  CHARGER 950  to  966 C CATERPILLAR

  -      25    NIVELLEUSE G 140  and 140 H CATERPILLAR

   -     20   COMPACTOR 850 BOMAG

    -    16  TRACTOPEL 325 JCB

Now what I want you to do is try to organize a Business Trip to those countries you will not believed  the opportunities , and pictures are not enough please trust me I am not talking only it's real ....
Please be more specific about your partners where they want to invest ? and from that you can  ask me more specific questions .

1 - Senegal
The Government have a very big Agricultural Project name :GOANA : Big Project for Sufficient Food for Everybody by 2010 that means all our Land is ready for any investment in Food and Bio Diesel we have 300 000 ha available  We need a lot of Agricultural Machines and Investors for Bio Diesel.
In the South East  of the region name Tamba we have a lot of : Iron , Gold ect ... to be extract and we need Heavy Equipment's for that .

We have about the same opportunities in countries like Mali , Mauritania and Guinea Conakry.

        2 - Angola

Is one of the Richest country in Africa they have big land , Oil , Gold , Diamond , Natural Gas  and it is Under Construction .
They have 3 big Programs to build 5000 miles of Highway and Routes in  the Country.
They also have a Vast Program to build : School , Hospital , Building for Government  et ...
They need heavy equipment to extract Gold Diamond and others mines they have the Money for theses programs and they also have Guaranties around the World it is the place to make easy money now.
They also have land for Bio diesel too.
The Country is Politically very stable and we know very influential people in the Government and Economic area.

  3 . RDC : Democratic Republic of Congo
It also exactly like Angola but bigger in Land you find every thing : Gold , Diamond , other precious Rock etc. ...
This country is also under construction and stable politically.
I have a good entries because  we know very  very influential people

 I have the same opportunities in Guinea Equator and Benin
Now if you have specific questions let me know I will send you more pictures on my trip to Senegal .
I already have for myself 50 ha for my project of Hibiscus tea and juice .

To be particle for 1000 ha that's what your partners need to know :

  1 - The land is for lease  90 years renewal and the Fees we pay to the Rural Community is around $5000 to $7000 on time Fees

  2 - We need 10 people for 1000 Hectares  and cost $250 a Month

  3 - It will be fine to bring our own Agricultural Machine if not it cost $70 to $100 a day for rental to clean up your area .

  4 - To created a company in Senegal it coat $2500 the $300 will go to the Notary Fees and the rest of the Money on your Bank account it's important to create a Company which can be 100% US but the best way is to associated a Senegalese partner and give him 10% to 20% he can be there and watch every thing ...

 Like I told you in my first mail your partners  have Exoneration in everything : 5 Years no Taxes , No Taxes for any machines you bring and utility Truck double Cabin  etc. .....
 Hotel in Senegal is not expensive from $50 to $200 a night depending on the Stars but what people are doing is to rent a Guest House more cheap.
Let me know if you need more info's like a said I can have more Land in Mauritania , Mali , Angola and RDC.
Please don't forget also the Heavy Equipment's my partners in Angola keep sending me email and there a lot of Money there : in building Highway , Building and much more
Thank you
Youssou Wade

1 - We need Heavy Equipment's  : Trailers , Big Trucks and much more for Big Construction like HighWay , Building , Airport , Mines extraction (Iron , Gold , Diamonds and much more ...) Countries : Senegal , Mauritania ,Guinea Conakry , RDC  and Angola this for now as soon as possible .

  2- Agricultural Equipment : Big Trailers , Irrigation Machine etc. ... Senegal , Mali , Angola , RDC ,Guinea , Angola etc. ...

 3 - Bio-Diesel : We have land in Senegal , Mali , Mauritania , RCD ,  Bangui , Guinea , Angola etc. ...

 4 - Roof Diamond and precious Metal in Angola  ,RDC 

1- We have a opportunities to invest in Angola and RDC (Democratic Republic of Congo) both countries are very rich in Oil , Diamond , Gold etc... and they are also under construction :a lot High Way , Bridges Roads ect ... so the Trailers , and Big Engines you told me early will be be welcome there too. My contact knows both two presidents of those countries.

2- He also can have land for Bio diesel in Mali , Mauritania , Angola and anywhere in Africa.

3 - He can also have License to Open  Casino also in those countries including Senegal

Senegal Needs:

  1 - We need Heavy Equipment's  : Trailers , Big Trucks and much more for Big Construction like HighWay , Building , Airport , Mines extraction (Iron , Gold , Diamond and much more ...) Countries : Senegal , Mauritania ,Guinea Conakry , RDC  and Angola this for now as soon as possible .

  2- Agricultural Equipment's : Big Trailers , Irrigation Machine etc. ... Senegal , Mali , Angola , RDC ,Guinea , Angola etc. ...

 3 - Bio-Diesel : We have land in Senegal , Mali , Mauritania , RCD ,  Bangui , Guinea , Angola etc. ....

 4 - Rough Diamonds and precious Metal in Angola  ,RDC

Photos from Senegal

 1 -  Investment and the Agriculture

Mr. Youssou Wade and His Plantation

Old Fashion Rarming - Organic Farming
Big PlantationCorn Agreeculture in Senegal

  2 - Tourism : with all the Hotels and the view of Senegal and Dakar  + The Goree Island .

Goree Island - Door of Goodbuy for Slaves - come with us to Senegal to explore the rich history of Black America and it's heritage.Goree Island - where slaves were leaving to Americas
House of slavery

Door of Millenium - Senegal
Driving in SenegalHotel BougainvillierHotel Lagon by nightHotel Novotel

International Airport DakarPlace of Independanceroute des mamelles
The Independance PlaceTunnel of Love DakarWhite House

Incentive trips to Senegal
iallo tours Services
Diallo Tours Services , Tel /Fax : +221 33 954 88 98 , Web Site :
Senegal is one of the best destinations for incentive trips in West Africa. It’s an exotic and nice
country to visit. Our incoming agency specialized in incentive trips to Senegal offer deluxe seaside
accommodations, air-conditioned buses for
transport, leisure and adventures activities,
We also offer customized trips for our clients
and handle as well as group travels.
Thank to our dedication and highly qualifi
ed team and tour guides we always guarantee
total satisfaction to our clients.

You will leave for a city tour of Dakar and then depart
for Gorée Island. On the city tour you will visit some
art galeries, the Ifan Museum, the presidential palace…
Around midday you will take the boat (25 mins) for
Gorée Island. Lunch at table at the restaurant Chevaliers
de Bouffl ers or a similar type restaurant on Gorée
At 3: pm You will visit the Slave Museums, the women
museums, and stroll around the beautiful Island before
taking the boat back at around 4:30 pm for Dakar.
You will be taken to one of the deluxe restaurants in
Dakar for dinner.
Dakar gorée(Full day program)

Leisure and adventures
at the Pink-lake beach.
(Day program)
The pink lake is the end point
of the international famous
Paris-Dakar rally. You will
enjoy some activities while
spending wonderful time in
that fabulous area facing the
Atlantic Ocean: Quad,buggy
Camel riding,african drums
and lunch under traditional
You will get yourself immersed in a magical African night party: Drinks,
drums, African folklore, are waiting for you in an African village.
African night party program: from 7:00 pm to 22:30 Pm

Program: African adventures in
Sinesaloum region
(full day program)
At 8 am you will depart for African villages and
cultures discoveries on 4x4 pick up.
You will discover the villages and cultures of the
Sinesaloum region that’s the area of Serere people
the second major ethnic group in Senegal and take
part in their daily life activities such as grinding
millet, pulling water...
Serere people are the second major ethnic group
in Senegal. They keep on living according to their
traditions and customs. In spite of being Christians
or Muslims they are closely tied to their original
religion that‘s called animism. That former African
religion is represented by various gods like the God
of rain, the god of fertility, life and death. On top
there is a supreme God called Rock Sene. To get
access to the supreme God’s favors Serere people
have to worship the small gods who will transfer
their message to the Supreme one.
The major events in this community are male circumcision
and initiation, wedding ceremony, funeral
ceremony. The Serere people live on agriculture,
African cow (zebus) breeding, and fi shing
Around 11 am you will stop for about 20mins under
a baobab tree in the bush. At this stop an open bar
will be provided.
At around midday you will arrive at Ndangane fi shing
village and get onto motorized canoes (pirogue)
for Mar Lodj Island. The trip will take about 30
At 1pm Lunch will be served at the Bazouk restaurant
on the island.
At 3:30pm transfer back inland and in 4x4 pickup to
return to your hotel in Saly seaside resorts. Arrival
around 6p. Dinner

Team building: Accrobaobab adventure
program (half day program):
AccroBaobab Park is the only leisure park in the world
that is built exclusively in a Baobab forest trees. You will
live unforgettable adventures in this park in a safe environment.
People from 5 to 77 years old are having fun with
it. It’s a good place to develop team spirit, overcome challenges,
and develop self confi dence. Together as a team
everybody achieves more.
Through various workshops you will face different challenges
taking the adrenaline to a high level. Well equipped
you will climb the baobab trees and jump from one tree to
another. You will also enjoy the typical fl ying boat on the
baobab trees.
Joal, home of Senegal’s fi rst president Sedar Senghor is
linked to Fadiouth Island by a wooden bridge. The village
of fadiouth is actually on a small island. The island
is accessible by a narrow wooden bridge which is only
accessible to pedestrians. The village was predominantly
Catholic but now also has a small Muslim community.
The major economic activities for the villagers of Fadiouth
are fi shing and rice cultivation. Since the town
is located in a large river delta, farmers have taken advantage
of the shallow fl ood plain caused by the river to
grow millet in this area.
The streets are covered by the small white seashells that
have accumulated on the island from centuries of deposit.
The streets are very narrow. There are arts and crafts
markets on the island.
Local guides will explain you more about the rich culture
of their people. The village of Joal-fadiouth was founded
by serere people that came from the north of Senegal
near the Senegal river.During colonial times joal became
a major trade establishment for French,English,Dutch
people.Along that trade developement arrived the fi rst
missonnaries that introduced christianism religion in that
part of Senegal in 1636.
They faced resistance from local people who refused to
embrace that new religion.It’s only in the XIXe century
that Serere people started being converted to christianism
thanks to French missionnaries.
In 1850 the fi rst missionnary church was built in Joal-fadiouth
village and the fi rst priest was nominated in 1885.
Joal-fadiouth is characterized by a mixture of animism
and christianism.It’s the home village of the fi rst president
of Senegal in 1960 named Leopold Sedar Senghor.

Overnight in Lompoul desert
You will experience fantastic moments in this beautiful desert of Senegal under
the traditional tents called khaimas.Drinks,dinner,fun.fabulous night
Bandia Park (800ha)
(half day program)
In this park you will enjoy watching savage animals like
giraffas, buffaloes, a variety of antelopes, zebras, rhinos,

Half day program: Saint-Louis city tour on
horse drawn carriage
Welcome in Saint-Louis, Senegal
Saint-Louis that was the fi rst capital of Senegal is a nice city of history,
arts and wonders. Now Saint-louis is listed among the UNESCO
world inheritage.
Once you cross the Faidherbe Bridge you discover a society whose
life style and conviviality are unique. A city of great structural
wealth, bearing witness to its glorious past. On carriage through the
streets whose evocative names (Repentigny, Anne-Marie Javouhey,
Blanchot, Pierre Loti...) remind of past times, you can admire the
city’s sites following the urban walk.
Coming from the district of Sor, on the continent, you can access the
island of Saint-Louis only by one link, the Faidherbe Bridge. This
metallic installation is 507 meters long and 10.5 meters wide. The
bridge of Saint-Louis consists of 7 arched spans with the second to
last having been conceived to pivot around a fi xed axis to let ships
pass through. Two wooden sidewalks border its central pass-way.
Over one hundred years old, this bridge was fi rst inaugurated on
October 19, 1897.
Once you have crossed the Faidherbe Bridge, a large complex,
known as the governance palace, which contains the region’s administrative
offi ces, dominates your view. Inherited from the old fort are
the thick-based walls, a vestige of the old buttresses that can be seen
from the Mille Lacroix Street.
To the west, the governance opens on a shady square, named after
the governor Faidherbe, whose statue towers over the gardens. This
communal space, used for the city’s festivities, is bordered to the
north and the south by two originally identical buildings. They are
the old barracks of Orleans (baptized Rogniat) and they used to hold
the military garrisons. On each side of this central square are the
island’s two districts, the South or Sindone and the North, or Lodo.
During the itinerary, you can discover the old edifi ces and the city’s
typical architecture.
Once you have completed touring the island, you can cross the
Servatius Bridge in direction of the Langue de Barbarie the crowded
fi shing area of Saint-Louis called Guet-Ndar. Visit the typical harbor
before returning to your hotel. End of the city tour.

Djoudj bird park program
Situated in the Senegal River delta, 60 Km away from
Saint Louis, the Djoudj Sanctuary is a wetland of 16,000 ha,
comprising a large lake surrounded by streams, ponds and
backwaters. It forms a living but fragile sanctuary for some
1.5 million birds, such as the white pelican, the purple heron,
the African spoonbill, the great egret and the cormorant
The park is open from 1st November to 30 May, though
December ,January,february and march are the best months
for bird-watching. The enormous pelican colony is the main
attraction for most visitors - a quite memorable experience.
visited as a day trip or half a day trip from Saint-Louis, the
typical itinerary includes a morning boat safari (approx. 1.5
hours) and lunch at the hotel Djoudj.
Activities in Djoudj Bird National Park
As well as Djoudj boat safaris, bicycles can also be hired
at the main offi ce at the park’s entrance next to the Djoudj
An ideal place for lunch, the Hotel du Djoudj has a refreshing
swimming pool open to non-guests who eat at the hotel.
The 60 km drive north from Saint-Louis takes around 1hour
30min hour, fi rst on a good paved road, then on reasonable
quality dusty road.
Another alternative is to visit the birds’ park of Langue de

Reputed to be one of the best hotels in West Africa, Le Méridien President sits on the sands of the Atlantic Ocean
in the capital of Senegal.Le Méridien President offers a beautiful location for conventions and business events.
For leisure guests, the hotel offers access to water sports, deep-sea fi shing, golf and tennis, as well as the breathtaking
views of the sea and the peaceful respite of Le Méridien President.
Le Méridien Président is the fi rst business hotel in Dakar. Boasting a sophisticated conference centre which seats
up to 2,000 people, the hotel features a beautiful 650-delegate amphitheatre equipped with the latest technology.
Executive offi ces and meeting rooms of various sizes comprise the rest of the Conference Centre.
In the lobby of Le Méridien Président is a fully-equipped and elegant business centre with offi ces and a quiet environment
conducive to productivity.
Guest rooms:
377 guest rooms and suites offer elegant luxury in the midst of Senegal’s First city, Dakar. Half of the guest rooms
feature breathtaking views of the sea or the luxuriant emerald golf course. Relax on your private balcony with a
glass of wine and watch the sun set over the sparkling waters of the sea.
Business travellers will appreciate the convenient appointments available for computers and internet connectivity,
as well as spacious work desks overlooking the sea.
Meridien President hotel 5 stars (Dakar)

Hotel Sofitel teranga4stars (Dakar)
The Sofi tel Teranga Dakar, an exquisite luxury hotel, is conveniently located right in the heart of the business
district. Close to several major corporate headquarters as well as shopping areas, the ocean and the
Gorée island ferry dock, this hotel is well suited for both business and holiday travel.
Special features :
The terrace restaurant offers light dishes with outstanding views of the Atlantic. The Citronelle serves refi
ned cuisine with a local fl air. By the heated pool, relax and enjoy refreshing drinks with a gorgeous view
of the bay at the Tarpon bar.
Guest Rooms & Suites
All 230 of our luxuriously comfortable guest rooms and suites are equipped with the latest modern technology,
including free ADSL. Many of the rooms offer truly unique and exceptional views of the Atlantic
Ocean and Gorée Island.

Facing Goree Island, hotel Savana hotel is located at Dakar seaside
in a wonderful tropical garden. Rated 4stars deluxe this hotel
is close to Dakar business center.
The hotel offers:
100 air-conditioned rooms and 4 standing suites.
Swimming pool
TV satellite
Room services 24h/24h
2 restaurants and 3 bars that are fi nely decorated with a view on
the sea.
Hotel Savana4stars deluxe (Dakar)
Hotel lamantin beach 5 stars (Saly)
Situated right on the seaside, with direct access to the beach & marina, Le Lamantin Beach Hotel is a universe of
well-being, in the heart of the beautiful touristic village of Saly. Constructed in an African style, the resort is composed
of traditional freestanding huts offering luxurious amenities and purely traditional Serere décor.
Le Lamantin Beach hôtel consists of 132 rooms - of which 8 are suites - in African traditional architecture, which
sit in welcoming green gardens :
• Room with terrace
• Dressing room
• Magnetically closing door
• Safe
• Air Conditioning
• Queen sized bed
• Mini bar, telephone with direct access, television, satellite channels
• Bathroom & shower
• Separate WC
• Hairdryer
• Twin sinks in bathroom
Restaurant and bar :
Lamantin, the main restaurant : an enchanting
space offering a wide selection
of thematic buffets, elaborate menus for
lunch, & breakfast for the gourmands
amongst you.
Beluga, gastronomic restaurant : a cuisine
rich in fl avours, with a menu which fuses
together an eclectic mix of cuisines &

Hotel Neptune 5 stars (Saly)
Diallo Tours Services , Tel /Fax : +221 33 954 88 98 , Web Site :
Neptune hotel welcome you in a beautiful tropical garden. The hotel is located in Saly. Here you will enjoy the
easy way of life in a charming atmosphere that combines African architecture and European comfort.
The luxurious junior suites of 40square meters are composed of three rooms. Relaxation and freshness in our
400square meters size swimming pool and its whirl pool. Our chef invites you to discover his refi ne cuisine
made of typical Senegalese tastes and Western menus. You may choose having your meals either by the swimming
pool or in our fi nely decorated dining room and take the opportunity to enjoy our African evenings under
the Mauritanian tent.
Neptune hotel offers :
• 60 juniors suites (40m2) air- conditioned
• 9 villas (110 m2) air -conditioned
• Mini-bar
• TV satellite
• Telephone available
• Conference room
• Bath room

Hotel Teranga 4stars(Saly)
High standard accommodation in a landscaped garden setting.
Taking its name from the local Wolof word for hospitality, the
La Teranga Hotel ensures its guests are well looked after in
spacious bungalows set amongst baobab trees and colourful bougainvillea.
40 standard rooms
Three swimming pools incl. children’s pool
Sun-beds with mattresses, shades & towels
Private beach
WiFi access
Massage & beauty salon
Gift & art shops
Laundry service
Room Facilities
Private terrace
Double or twin beds
Air Conditioning
Mini bar & telephone
Satellite television
Bathroom with shower & separate WC
Hairdryer & 2 pin sockets
Safety deposit box
Restaurant ‘Aux Fins Gourmets’
Main Bar
Beach bar
Entertainment team – daytime
Nightly live music & occasional evening entertainment
Pétanque, volleyball, water polo
Water sports
Golf course nearby

Hotel Savana3stars(Saly)
Hotel Savana Saly is located near the sea side at the small coast of Senegal around 84 km south of Dakar.Nested
in a wonderful tropical garden this hotel offers:
• 80 air-conditioned standard bungalows style room with balcony and phone available.
• 12 room in duplex equipped with a mini-bar and satellite TV and internet.
• 5 suites with mini-bar, TV and internet available
• 1 swimming pool
• Casino
Services :
• 3 restaurants.
• 1 conference room for 300 participants.
• Bar and a podium for entertainment show and orchestra party.
• Local folklore show…

Nestled in the Sine Saloum park, nearby Palmarin
village, Le Royal Lodge is a display of true African
28 tastefully decorated suites, offering comfort, refi nement
& dedicated services with private jacuzzi for relaxation,
including the royal suite with its private pool.
Lagoon swimming pool with jacuzzi, facing the ocean.
Landscape and lighting of Africa
-Local baobabs and palm trees around the park.
-Let yourself go with the ebb and fl ow of the waves and
contemplate the Sine Saloum’s sunset.
“Les palétuviers” restaurant
Offering refi ned dishes and seafood
Le Pelican” bar, for festivity and cocktails by the pool.
Room service 24H / 24.
To get your stay more pleasant, Le Royal Lodge proposes
you mainly different leisures. the discovering of
the natural reserve of Delta Saloum park and enjoy the
wellness area in this preservated place.
At 87 miles of Dakar, in the heart of the Saloum national
park, closed to the fi shing village of Palmarin,
for amateurs of calmness.
Le Royal Lodge4Stars( sine saloum)

Hotel capsainlouis is located between
the Atlantic Ocean and Senegal River.
The hotel is facing the beautiful Atlantic
Ocean beach at 200m from the sea.
In an enchanting environment the hotel
45 air-conditioned rooms (10 rooms of
which are suites).
A gastronomic restaurant
Bar cocktail
Swimming pool
TV satellite
Hotel Capsainlouis
4stars Saint Louis:

Leisure and sports activities in Saly seaside resorts:
Water sports, Jet Ski, boating, catamaran, horse riding, quads, buggies golf, helicopter, Surfi ng,ULM…
We offer a large range of transportation means.
from air connditioned buses ,4WDs to pick ups
and so on.. With a transport capacity of 500
persons we can easily take care of your groups
in Senegal.We will supply also all the necesary
logistic for your incentive trips,seminars,collogu
es,conferences,meetings,and conventions.
We provide you with up-market vehicles with
professional drivers for your customers,coworkers,
or family to visit safely Senegal country.
According to the area to visit we will suggest
you adapted vehicles for that.
Senegal has one of the best road networks in
West Africa.